Yummy Fruits for a Happy Tummy


Everyone loves to snack, but not everyone knows that snacks can be healthy. Nutritious and delicious choices exist. As children are more apt to gravitate towards sugary treats, this book, aimed at a younger readership, will show them that better options are available.

Meet the Fruit Family. Fruits are edible parts of plants and trees. With various colors, tastes, and textures, the health benefits of fruits are far-reaching, especially for your immune system. Within this clever and informative book, readers will learn which particular fruit is helpful to each specific part or system of the body, such as heart health, cancer prevention, digestion, brain function, and more.

Each fruit introduces itself in a first-person narrative, grouped into categories based on color. Readers will discover new facts about widely recognized fruits, such as cantaloupe, grapes, and apples. They will also become acquainted with fruits that may be new to them, such as atemoya, cherimoya, and soursop, from South America. The fruits describe their texture, what vitamins they offer, where they can be found, and which body parts they support.

After meeting more than 30 common and unique fruits, readers are presented with a mouth-watering recipe section, including detailed instructions for making fruit salads, smoothies, shakes, breakfasts, and more.

This fun, unique, and easily digestible book invites readers to get to know the large and varied Fruit Family. In addition, an accompanying coloring book is also available so youngsters can continue learning about their new fruit friends.

Yummy Fruits for a Happy Tummy will inspire a newfound appreciation of the produce section in readers’ local grocery stores, leading to a long-lasting relationship with fruit and better health.


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