Suzette and the One-Eyed Cat (Kindle)



Looking for a way to approach the subject of adoption with your child?

An adopted girl travels to Haiti to meet her biological family for the first time. Escorted by her adoptive parents, she is filled with many fears.

Why didn’t her birth parents keep her?

Was there something wrong with her?

Was she so different that she could not stay with them in Haiti?

Why does she live in a different country?

What will her family be like?

As she experiences the village of her birth, Suzette meets her birth mother, siblings, and a one-eyed cat. The encounter with the cat leaves a lasting impression and is the key to Suzette’s journey.

Join her on this incredible adventure to find her inner truth.

With easy-to-understand explanations and language, this book deals with adoption and all the feelings a child might encounter when meeting their birth family. It’s a beautiful adoptive-parent support book and can also be used to introduce different types of families in the classroom.


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